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On Telltale and the failure of episodic gaming

The USE knife ON person action had disastrous consequences

Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands is, by all accounts, a funny and exciting adventure game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but I’m not going to play it. Not yet anyway. I want to. I played The Wolf Among Us and both seasons of the Walking Dead and enjoyed them immensely, especially TWD’s sorely underlooked second season. I didn’t play any of these the first chance I had though. I waited until the final episodes were released and then played through whole seasons at once and enjoyed them all the more for it.

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Everyone look at me!

Originally posted on 05.03.11

Maybe not the best of topics to write about on a site devoted solely to getting people to look at you but nevertheless I am going to talk about the way so many people demand attention nowadays. There’s nothing wrong with being admired, or looking good in the eyes of those superior to you but what we have now is ridiculous. What’s so good about fame anyway? Sure it can lead to money but usually if you’re famous (not infamous) then you’re going to be pretty rich anyway. The youth of today seems to think thateveryone cares about what they have been doing recently. We don’t, we don’t care that you just had a roast dinner, we don’t care that your dog just smiled at you and we most definitely do not care that you ‘can’t be fucked with school today’. Of course I could be wrong, maybe people do find enjoyment in mind-numbingly dull, cliché, uninspired one liners. Or maybe they pretend to be interested because they are guilty of doing the same thing. I’m not without sin in this department myself I expect, I have probably wasted good server space on statuses that not one person found the least bit interesting, though I do make sure to try and avoid that now. It’s clear to see how this idea of anyone becoming famous started, ‘reality’ TV has played a major part, ‘normal’ people (A.K.A the weirdest/most arrogant/stupidest/sweetest/most ironic/most willing to be seen naked on national TV/most likely to try and fornicate/most likely to be a hidden racist people who applied) are made into celebrities over a few weeks, so now everyone feels that they should be given the same right. What these people don’t seem to realise is that they don’t have a whole team of editors controlling their outputs rearranging and skewing them to create the most entertaining outcome. So what we’re left with is something incredibly boring, no surprises there, normal people aren’t interesting and it’s only through careful selecting of participants and editing that TV, magazines and other forms of media make them seem like they are anything different. You want to be seen as something interesting that’s worth getting excited over then you should do something to make it so, something actually worth other people’s time to find out about, like helping build shelters for those less fortunate than yourself, painting a work of art, or like me, taking your time to present your thoughts in a manner worth reading. Sorry if I sound like a hypocrite here, I am aware that that is a major possibility, given that I am posting about people posting pointless garbage but I think I’m OK here since I’ve made an effort. Besides, if people didn’t enjoy this and they made that clear then I would stop.

So in conclusion, if you haven’t got anything remotely constructive to say don’t say anything at all, normal people aren’t interesting, reality TV is not what it’s title implies and I am hopefully not a hypocrite.

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