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My Games from the Year Awards 2013


Last year I attempted to write a series of articles about the new game releases that held my attention in 2012 before eventually crowning an ultimate winner and three runners-up.  I ended up writing so much before reaching those runners-up that I burnt out and coursework came along (that’s my excuse anyway). For the record, since I never wrote about them, my GOTY was Mass Effect 3 and my three equally placed runners-up were Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3 and Dishonoured.  2012 was a fantastic year for games, both in the big and little scenes. 2013 was strange. I was ready to decry it as a comparative big disappointment until I played a number of little gems over the Christmas period. And now, to sum up in what will hopefully take much less time than last year’s effort, my Games from the Year awards.

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How to reboot education-Sorting school with technology

A recent Guardian article about parents having to pay significant amounts of money for iPads highlighted some of the major problems with the lazy and ill-considered approaches to technology taken by many a modern British School. There are so many reasons that using iPads was a silly idea, half of them are simply arguments for using laptops over tablets, demonstrating how little consideration must have been taken when the decisions were made. Continue reading

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