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The Top 10 Best Friends in Gaming

Atlas and P-Body

In honour of the 24th of July I’m going to take a look back at some of the bestest of best friends in video games. Having a buddy makes those long, cold nights staring at a screen that little bit more bearable. These are the relationships that have helped us get through the good times and the bad times.

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So I had a weird dream again.

Earlier this year I brought you a recount of a curious dream I had, one in which I was burgled by David Bowie’s illegitimate sons. On Tuesday night another odd episode made its way into my subconscious, one which I’m told is worth writing up. What’s interesting about this dream is that at the time it could be described as a nightmare. Such was my irrational state upon waking that I had to read for a while to clear my mind of the horrors I’d seen. In hindsight this fear seems ridiculous. Read on for a story that has everything, horror, oddball comedy, action, drama, important societal themes and even a little slice of romance. My other self thought of it all. Enjoy.

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