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The Top 10 Best Friends in Gaming

Atlas and P-Body

In honour of the 24th of July I’m going to take a look back at some of the bestest of best friends in video games. Having a buddy makes those long, cold nights staring at a screen that little bit more bearable. These are the relationships that have helped us get through the good times and the bad times.

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Comic: Pikachu the Scholar

Pikachu the Scholar

“I could make a webcomic.” I naively thought to myself. “It would be a good place to put those shorter ideas I have that wouldn’t suit written articles, and they wouldn’t take as long to do.” Ha. Believe it or not this took around an hour and a half to produce, and I couldn’t even keep my art style consistent. Yes, I did cop out and get a picture of Chespin from the internet rather than drawing him myself, but it was probably for the best. Just look at what I did to Pikachu in the third panel. I was planning on making comics an irregular (but slightly more regular than my other pieces) thing on this site, but given how long this took I don’t know if it’ll happen again.

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